Episode VII

The second Death Star has been destroyed and the Emperor is dead. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader rule the galaxy together, as father and son. Luke, having vowed to bring order back to the galaxy following the failed reconciliation between Rebel and Imperial forces, hunts those who would disrupt the fragile peace. The Rebellion is rearming and Rebel insurgent attacks are met with ever escalating Imperial reprisals. Crime bosses and petty warlords rule large sections of the galaxy. Luke dispatched his refounded New Jedi Order, throughout the galaxy to maintain order and to find his missing sister.


Leia, after fleeing the Capitol with her young son, seeks to rebuild the Rebellion. Having sensed the conflict driving her brother she has been forced to explore her own connection to the force and what it means to be a Jedi.


Freed from the Emperor and the tenets of the Sith, Vader searches the Galaxy for the true nature of the force and perhaps redemption.


Meanwhile, on the edge of explored space, a graveyard of ships from many eras has long drawn salvagers and treasure hunters from across the galaxy. The discovery of rare mineral Lignan that can be synthesized into a powerful drug has created a rush of interest among the more unsavory elements of the Galaxy. The criminal organization, the Red Fists, hold the planet in a tight grip but other groups and more ominously, the Empire, are beginning to take notice.


The Dark Side and the Light